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Poly caps are for our younger learners and offer soft, elastic edges. $8 each

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Silicone caps are for our older learners and are waterproof when worn properly. $12 each

Enrolments are completed online by creating an account using the button below. Add your learners under the Student tab and from here you can use the filters to search for and request the enrolments you require. 

For any general enquires, please complete the Contact Us form on your closest facility's webpage.

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Program Information

In Term classes follow the WA School Terms commencing in early February and concluding in mid December. 

School Holiday Programs are offered depending on demand.​

New enrollments are accepted throughout the year depending on start and finish dates of the program.


More information can be found in our FAQ guide.


Our Policies relating to Fee Payment, Class Cancellations, Make Up Tokens, Medical Credits and other items that are important to you have been updated.  Please find a copy of our Policies here