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Swim Mechanix is an endorsed Royal Life Saving Swim School and utilises the Royal Life Saving Swim and Survive Program. More information on our program can be found by Clicking Here.


Because learning to swim is an important life skill, we enjoy teaching swimming techniques the correct way from the start and are able to do so in a variety of ways depending on the children's ages, backgrounds, previous experiences and current skills.  


Our instructors are flexible with their delivery of lessons and encourage group participation for better learning outcomes and a safer environment.


Children over the age of 4 who are new to Swim Mechanix may need an assessment before being offered a permanent class placement. It is likely that this will be done in class so that an Instructor is able to determine many factors including the child's participation, attention and general swimming skills.

Current class availability is posted at the beginning of term on our Facebook Page 


Swim & Survive Stages 1-5

Attending Swim Mechanix for Stages 1 - 5 is a great way to develop correct technique in small classes. 

Children learn skills and technique the correct way from day 1, meaning that there's no changes in their stroke as they practice endurance and distance as they progress through the stages.

Once Stage 5 is successfully achieved, a bigger pool is needed and so we send children off with an established skill, ready to swim over distance.


Stages 1-5 Swim & Survive are offered on Thursdays & Fridays after school and all day Saturday & Sunday!

Swim Mechanix is proudly endorsed by
Royal Life Saving WA, Austswim and is a valued member of the Australian Swim School Association
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